We’re building a scalable business concept transforming cannabis sector opportunities through the application of professional management and targeted investment to achieve sustainable growth and revenues. 

Our flagship acquisition includes a state-of-the-art facility in Seattle, Washington; home to 30,000 sq. ft. of revenue-generating cultivation, processing, manufacturing and distribution services.

NLV Seeks New Opportunities

The evolving Cannabis landscape offers numerous opportunities through the application of proven business principals leveraging the aggregation of a diverse offering of mature brands, products, licenses, resources and talent.

Mutual interest propels vertical market entry

NLV may elect to offer participation through developmental expertise and access to capital as part of a strategic plan to combine diverse operations into a strategically integrated MSO (Multi-State Operation).


New Leaf Ventures intends to rapidly spur growth at New Leaf USA through the rapid execution of its strategic plan as a demonstration to potential future brand partners the importance and inherent power of the House of Brands (“HOB”) business model. HOB offers tangible benefits for adoption and participation in the NLV multi-state operational concept.

The House of Brands Model

Introducing sound business principals, market research and financial governance to develop an integrated network based on the proven HOB (“House of Brands”) development approach. 

Sole focus on a single, well-known and consistent brand, the HOB concept is designed as a home to numerous brands, each independent of one another, and each with its own audience, marketing, look and feel under the parent umbrella and shared financial oversight. Benefits include unified vision & goals combined with shared marketing and management costs & unified revenue targets.

Branded House
Branded House Endorsed
House of Brands
Free Standing (Current)
House of Brands
Hybrid (Proposed)

We aggregate and support proven, mature, and diverse cannabis operations into a unified, vertically integrated management structure.

We provide strategic, structured financing opportunities to undercapitalized operators.

Our Team

Robert (Dax) Colwell
CEO, New Leaf USA &
Director, New Leaf Ventures Inc. Co-Founder.
Mr. Colwell created Dama LLC, a medical cannabis concentrate company, which he subsequently merged with New Leaf Botanicals in the development of brands ultimately acquired by New Leaf USA.. Mr. Colwell brings extensive business, product development, sales, and marketing experience in the Cannabis sector. He earned extensive corporate development, sales, and manufacturing experience as the founder of Compression Technologies and TR Manufacturing, two composite manufacturing facilities based in Bellevue, Washington. He previously owned and operated a regional construction company for 10 years.
Boris Gorodnitsky
President, New Leaf USA &
Director, New Leaf Ventures Inc. Co-Founder.
Mr. Gorodnitsky brings over a decade of in-depth experience in cannabis agronomy and production for the medical marijuana sector. He participated in strategic brand developments ultimately acquired by New Leaf USA and remains focussed on business and new product development including the advancement and introduction of new processing technologies aimed at improving yield and quality. He previously enjoyed a career in software development with increasing leadership roles across several small start-ups to larger entities including Microsoft. He served as CTO at Advanced Marine Technology; an advanced navigation systems company located in Seattle. He was also the director of software development at Captura, an enterprise business software company in Kirkland, Washington.
Michael Stier
CEO & President, New Leaf Ventures Inc.
Mr. Stier brings an extensive understanding of the equity markets having previously worked as an IIROC licensed senior financial advisor at CIBC’s Imperial Service Division. He previously served at a private equity company managing a portfolio of $20 million in private funds. He concurrently advised on projects with Greendrop Capital Corp. Mr. Stier studied business management at Kwantlen Polytechnic University and Okanagan College, specializing in finance.
Terence Lee
CFO, New Leaf Ventures Inc.

Mr. Lee is a Chartered Professional Accountant with over 7 years of finance experience. While articling with BDO Canada, Mr. Lee managed assurance engagements for publicly traded companies operating within the cannabis, natural resource, technology, and real estate industries. He has considerable experience in financial reporting under International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). Post-articling, Mr. Lee has worked in financial planning and analysis for a subsidiary of a major Canadian cannabis company, as well as for a publicly traded asset management solutions company. Mr. Lee graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration from Simon Fraser University and subsequently obtained a Diploma of Accounting from UBC’s Sauder School of Business.

Chris Cooper
Director, New Leaf Ventures Inc.
Mr. Cooper brings over 20 years of business experience in various aspects of corporate development, senior management, finance, and operations, in both the private and public sectors. Mr. Cooper received a B.A. from Hofstra University and an M.B.A. from Dowling College, both in New York State. Mr. Cooper sits on the audit committee and compensation committee for other issuers including Counterpath Corp., a Nasdaq listed company. Mr. Cooper has been a director of several private and public companies over the last 20 years.
Don Currie
Director, New Leaf Ventures Inc.
Mr. Currie brings over 35 years experience building, financing, and developing both private and public companies in Canada, the United States and South America. He is the founding CEO, Chairman and Director of Hillcrest Petroleum Ltd. and has served as a Director, VP and Officer at a variety of resource sector ventures over the years.
Lee White
Director, New Leaf Ventures Inc.
Mr. White’s experience in the cannabis industry includes an extensive understanding of cultivation and distribution practices. He previously owned Cigaweed, LLC, a cannabis brand operation from 2013 to 2018. Mr. White’s career includes extensive interest and focus on commercial real estate and development opportunities for over 29 years. As a licensed realtor, he has participated in every aspect of commercial realty including sales, leasing, land development, residential and apartment construction and retail facilities.
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