New Leaf Ventures Launches Consumer Website and New Product Brands

VANCOUVER, BC, — (July 14, 2021) – New Leaf Ventures Inc. (CSE: NLV)  (“New Leaf” or the “Company”) a management and investment organization dedicated to evaluating, investing, and accelerating advanced stage operations in the North American Cannabis sector, wishes to advise that its wholly-owned subsidiary, New Leaf USA, Inc. (“New Leaf USA”) is pleased to announce the rebranding of its flagship ‘Dama’ product line and the launch of the exciting and all-new Tasty Tokes and Green State brands.

New Leaf USA has determined that the packaging redesign of Dama would more accurately reflect consumer interest by elevating and modernizing brand positioning and appeal. In addition, New Leaf USA is pleased to introduce Tasty Tokes, a super potent infused pre-roll made with 90% pure distillate and kief, which has been licensed to New Leaf Enterprises and will launch later this month with 3 fruity flavors including Creamsicle, Mango, and Wild Cherry. Our development teams recognized that many flavored pre-rolls currently available were perceived as suffering from low quality with poor flavor, and so extensive effort went into ensuring this all-new product is made with high quality flower, and not just the trim left over from production. The current regional infused pre-roll market leader, Juicy Joints has reported that demand is growing steadily upwards to approximately $6,000,000 USD in sales per fiscal. New Leaf USA believes a higher quality, better tasting product could easily claim a significant initial market segment and readily position itself to dominate the local markets.

The second all-new offering is Green State, a Washington theme brand aimed at telling the story of Washington farms, greenhouses, and culture as a terroir approach offering a glimpse into the variety of techniques growers use throughout the state. Employing a variety of indoor and outdoor light deprivation techniques and related growing methodologies, this value-tiered brand comes either as Standard or Select options.  Our product team has developed strict criteria to evaluate everything from the ethos of the operators, environmental factors and farm practices through processing to the final product. The brand serves as a reserve of unique strains typically available on a limited basis for an exclusively short timeframe.

In conjunction with the new and revamped brand positioning efforts, the Company is pleased to announce the launch of its all-new consumer website at Please visit the site to see for yourself the visual results of our brand strategies.

David Weston, Sales Director at New Leaf USA states, “We’ve undertaken considerable time and effort to study the cannabis retail marketplace nationwide. We believe the new product branding and exciting new additions to our brand lineup directly address the actual desires and interests of the knowledgeable consumers we hope to serve. To further improve and propel that engagement, our new website optimizes online ordering using the proven Leaflink platform which connects over 525 retailers in Washington State with our brands, and which totally streamlines our ecommerce and distribution network.  As national expansion accrues Leaflink will give us connection to over 6200 retailers. Overall, the changes today represent a broader selection to a wider audience, and directly address what our retailers have been asking for. It’s a game-changer in terms of market penetration and will dramatically aid our ability to develop new account expansion across and beyond the state lines.”

Research data from respected industry analysts Headset clearly indicates that Millennials and GenZ consumers are the fastest growing demographic profile for the cannabis sector and the rebrand was specifically designed to engage these audiences through social media, influencers, and lifestyle brand activation as music, entertainment and related cultural events rebound from the pandemic. Goal-oriented measures were developed to generate positive feedback and user-engagement and include,

  • Intuitive colorways for different strain categories to provides clear visual organization and impactful shelf presence.
  • Provisions for enhanced and informative education regarding plant sciences including the role of compounds and terpenes.
  • Extending the assortment of tiered product lines with Dama as the Premium product line with Green State and Green State Select as scaled value brands.

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