A Management Service Company, IP License Holder & Contractor

CONTRACT OPERATIONS: Centrally located, 50,000 sq./ft. facility with direct interstate highway access in Seattle, Washington 

SERVING: Proven Brands, Tier 3 Licenced Producer/Processor, Ultra Premium Cannabis, Hemp & CBD Formulation

New Leaf is working towards becoming the largest cultivator, extractor and innovator in the US cannabis market through innovation, partnerships, and scale-up of operations.

New Leaf USA - Facility 1

Seattle WA

Through partnerships and agreements, applying innovation and scalability, New Leaf USA provides management services and IP licensing to a regional facility encompassing an impressive 30,000 square feet of space optimized for best practice production. Licensed as Washington-based tier 3 producer and processor of ultra-premium cannabis the facility supports cultivation, processing, extraction and innovation. New Leaf USA manages cutting-edge methodologies for efficient and consistent product delivery. The operation is among the first to voluntarily work with local laboratories to create rigorous quality control standards.

Production License:

Total Building:
30,000 sq. ft.

New Leaf USA - Facility 2

Seattle WA

Optimized for:
CBD Biomass

Total Building:
5,000 sq. ft.

New Leaf USA aims to expand hemp operations into a facility located across the street from existing operations. The finished facility targets a spacious 5,000 square feet dedicated to hemp and CBD (cannabidiol) extraction and processing.



Clear grasp of the market and craft, while understanding industry direction and building value, innovation and longevity.


Drives engagement of technologies like EnWave’s REV technology in drying and processing procedures to manage efficient and predictable dry cycles.

Strategic Partnerships

Oversees recreational supply agreements with local farmers and product supply agreements with unique premium CBD producers.

Scaling Up

Revenue growth has been stable and led to profitability throughout 2019. With Lean Principles and Strategic Growth & Investment Policies, the current facility revenue target is $30+MM over the next three years.


Plants are hand selected & harvested, hung, and dried to ideal moisture & prime potency. A superior and innovative racking system is recognized by industry-leading farm operators. Integrated with EnWave’s REV technology the curing process aims to be the most effective and efficient to ensure maximum productivity.


Only the largest, finest flower buds are chosen for sale, with smaller dried flowers used to make concentrates, leaving nothing to waste. High standards ensure quality control through company employees with a passion for the process.


Finely ground plant material are introduced to a food-grade ethanol alcohol bath allowing for full plant resin extraction. CBD and THC strains are separated and used to prepare different grade oils, which are then used to produce vapor cartridges and edibles.


Product & Brand Development


One of the oldest and most respected high-quality brands in Washington State. Dàmà is known in the industry as a pioneer in professionalism, innovation and marketing.

Through passion, process, and personal touch, Dàmà products elevate the cannabis experience with a premium line of Dried Flower, Oil Concentrate, Vapor, Capsules, and Wax. Dàmà invites everyone from novices to the most discerning connoisseur to discover a premium cannabis experience with a sophisticated line of products that deliver consistent purity and potency.


An entry-level brand for distribution of outdoor flower and non-connoisseur products.

WEED is a proven product line with broad brand acceptance and extensive distribution. Consumers have come to expect this mid-range, mid-price product to deliver a reliable offering.

Based on market research and trend analysis, this product exemplifies the use of proven business principles in the development of products that address what consumers actually want, and not what manufacturers think they want.

dàmà Hemp & CBD

Hemp lends a healthy dose of protein, essential amino acids, omega fatty acids and an array of vitamins and minerals to any product it is paired with. To help bring balance to nearly every system in your body we offer a suite of high-quality CBD products.

From high quality source material our products are cultivated from the most exotic strains. New products are in late stage development and preparing for consumer adoption in late 2020.


Integrating state-of-the-art technologies through strategic partnerships

Research & Development ◦ Extractions Laboratory
Commercial Kitchen ◦ Edibles and New Products

eCommerce platform, online education and order submission


Currently expanding into 13,000 sq./ft. of unused space to prepare for a large-scale cannabis commercial kitchen, hydrocarbon extraction, production and high-volume packaging.

Target completion of the 30,000 sq./ft. renovated facility in Q4 2020.


2020/2021 Revenue Breakdown


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